Video: History and The Highest Rank in Search

As the development of technology is continually growing, every old things created or invented in the past is also being changed into a new one. For example, the videotape which was made to show motion picture films which is of course with sounds, has been continually deteriorating. Around 1950’s, the videotape was invented and old movies were shown. As time passes by, it continues to be developed into a better videotape recorder. Time code was used to edit the video in an accurate way.

From big videotapes to smaller and portable ones, this shows that there is a continuous change in the way of showing video films. New video tape formats are being introduced almost every year. This also shows that there is a rapid development in technology.¬†At the beginning of the 20th century, a lot of new inventions were made and high technology is continually developing. It is also the start of inventing the USB wherein videos can be transferred and stored in it. That’s it! You can now watch your favorite video film. The internet is also a product of the continuous development of technology. In fact, some people don’t even use the flash drive any longer when they want to watch videos.

If you want to save your favorite video film, a micro SD card is available now. See? It’s how fast technology is. And as of now, videos can be watched through the internet. Just click “YouTube” and search for your favorite movie. Aside from movies, any information that you want to know is shown through the internet. That’s the growing trend of video!