Introduction to Telecine

Telecine is another app in an Android that uses the screenshots of a phone and can be converted to a movie. Many people now are using motion pictures to create a creative movies or just a simple video. As there are many who are using video editor too so that a video would look real, motion pictures are also good to reduce too much labor in editing. There are not many things to consider when using telecine.

Just download telecine app and turn on the screenshot and also your timer. This timer will also record the cuts in the screenshots. In some phone, there are long screen shots too up to 15 screenshots, while some phones have only one screens shot in s click. In Telecine, you can have as many screenshots and they are automatically recorded under telecine movie folder. If you are going to open it, there are the screenshots with its cuts, when and how they are taken.

If you want to use this when in your movie or powerpoint presentation, you may use it. You can just save the file into you computer and then you can now use them as much as you need. This is why telecine has helped in making videos even without using much ado in in graphic designing. Just by using your screencasts, you will be able to create your own videos. It is not a quality video but at least even without having a video, you can create your own video through all of these.